Welcome to the Brain Development, Psychopathology, and Mental Health Lab!

The goal of our research is to identify factors that interact at multiple levels of analysis (brain, behavior, social contexts) to predict the development of mental health problems during adolescence.  We are particularly interested in understanding how people react to stress, and the factors that increase resilience or vulnerability to stress-related psychopathology.

Lab news:

Johnna Swartz was a guest on the Nature and Nurture podcast! Listen to her podcast episode on Spotify here.

Leehyun Yoon’s first-author paper on the neural correlates of risk and presence for depression in adolescents in Brazil is out now! Find it here.

Angelica Carranza was awarded the Westall Summer Fellowship to examine associations between parenting, brain function, and depressive symptoms in adolescents in Brazil!

PI Johnna Swartz has received an NIH R21 to conduct a longitudinal follow-up in the IDEA study of Brazilian adolescents at risk for depression and an NIH R01 to conduct a longitudinal follow-up in the California Families Project, a sample of Mexican-origin individuals followed from childhood!