Leehyun Yoon

Dr. Yoon completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy at Korea University. She then specialized in Social Neuroscience and was awarded her PhD in Psychology from Korea University. During her PhD, she led studies which implicate healthy socioemotional functioning. Specifically, with behavioral and neural measurement, she conducted projects on development of self-projective behavior provoked by social feedback, prejudice towards homosexuals, and impression management under social observation. She wants to academically help youth to reach their full potential by investigating healthy socioemotional development. Her main area of interest is the development of emotional resilience and social competency during childhood, adolescence and emerging adulthood. With multiple levels of analysis using genetic, neural, behavioral and social environmental measurement, she pursues a deeper understanding of the development of individual differences in socioemotional functioning and mental health outcomes. Dr. Yoon is a Postdoctoral Scholar and will work with data from the IDEA study to examine patterns of brain activity associated with risk for depression in adolescents from Porto Alegre, Brazil.